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  • GRS Faux Leather Recycled Leather For Furniture And Handbags

    GRS Faux Leather Recycled Leather For Furniture And Handbags

    A. This is GRS Recycled leather, its base fabric is from recycled plastic bottles. We have GRS PU, microfiber, suede microfiber and PVC, we will show the details.

    B. Comparing with the common synthetic leather, its base is recycled materials. It is in line with the trend of people pursuing environmental protection.

    C. Its raw materials is well selected and the quality is great.

    D. Its physical character is same as the common synthetic leather.

    It’s wear-resistant, tear-resistant and with high hydrolysis. Its durable is around 5-8 years.

    E. Its texture is neat and clear. Its hand feeling is soft and great as the genuine leather.

    F. Its thickness, color, texture, fabric base, surface finishing and quality characteristics all can be customized according to your requests.

    G. We have GRS Certificate! We have the qualification to make the GRS Recycled synthetic leather materials. We can open the GRS TC Certificate for you which can help you on the product promotion and market development.