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How to identify automotive leather?

There are two kinds of leather as automobile material, genuine leather and artificial leather.

Here comes the question ,how to identificer the quality of automobile leather?

1. The first method, the pressure method,For the seats that have been made, the quality can be identified by pressing method.The specific method is to extend the index finger, press on the seat surface, press hold not to let go, if there is a lot of fine cutaneous grain to hand press to extend, explain the seat skin material is not real leather but artificial leather.

2. The second method, the burning method, which is the old method of identifying the real leather, has been used till now. Seat surface burning manufacturing scrap, observe the phenomenon of the burning, man-made leather is the main raw material of plastic, it is easy to burn, and the leather is not easy to burn especially true cowhide is very difficult to burn.

3. High grade quality of automobile leather is nontoxic and tasteless, and can be decomposed automatically after being buried in deep soil.

So it’s so important to choose a nice manufacturer when you are purchasing the material .A good partener can give you more then a good price ,but also the over value service .

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Post time: Jan-15-2022