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1. Why is Sea Freight Cost so High now?

COVID 19 is the blasting fuse. Flowing is some facts influence directly; City Lockdown slowing down global trade. The trade imbalance between China and the Other countries causes series of lack. Lack of labor on the seaport and a lot of containers are stacked. Big shipping firms taking advantage. All these facts will not be solved in a short time.

Besides the holiday season goods are ready for shipment and later Chinese new year holiday busy season is coming soon. The freight rates have a great chance will increase until 2022.


2. Cigno leather, How to protect your business in this situation?

Plan out your order in advance

Plan Your Shipments Early

Work with a reliable supplier

Do not ask if now is the best time for an order? The answer is an absolute yes.

According to a McKinsey survey, as lockdowns have been released gradually and vaccines are rolling out, these savings translate to pent-up demand waiting to be unleashed in what we can call revenge shopping. Categories such as apparel, beauty, and electronics will are eating up a huge chunk of that post-pandemic discretionary spending. To considering the budget, faux leather products will be widely considered by the customs. Besides after back work, the existing project needs to finish on time. Stock goods and quick delivery will be the best choice for the project site. If you have stock, you win.

Cigno leather has a lot of partners around the world. To avoid client lack of the good on the market. Cigno company has added 6 production lines and preparing 100% production capacity to guarantee lead time for all the partners now. Clients receive the goods and happiness is the best feedback we get from Client.

Do not hesitate to send an inquiry to the Cigno team now!

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Post time: Jan-08-2022