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What Are Bio-based Microfiber leather?


The full name of microfiber leather is “microfiber reinforced PU leather“, which is coated with PU coating on the basis of microfiber base cloth. It has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, air permeability, aging resistance. Since 2000, many domestic enterprises have also invested in the research and development and production of microfibers. However, the inventor’s in-depth study found that the existing microfiber leather was only coated with polyurethane on the surface of the substrate, although the wear resistance of the leather was greatly improved, but the overall performance of the leather was affected due to the limited binding ability between the polyurethane coating and the substrate.

However, the emergence of bio-based microfibers solves this problem well. In the specific preparation process of the bio-based microfiber, the reinforcing layer and biological base layer are fixed and sewn as a whole. In coating polyurethane layer, the ultrasonic technology and ultrasonic, side connect the polyurethane coating penetration to the taper hole and the hole, strengthen the connection between top and bottom surface of polyurethane layer, thus make polyurethane layer up and down through the connecting hole forming an organic whole, effectively solve the existing technology of polyurethane adhesive layer and the base cloth not strong enough, Then it can solve the peeling problem of polyurethane layer. On the one hand, it can strengthen the overall strength of the base cloth and ensure the overall durability of leather. On the other hand, the biological base layer adopts chitosan fiber, which can play its barrier role to radioactive substances, and is conducive to the preparation of labor protection articles for personnel engaged in nuclear industry. The biological elastic fiber is used to improve the overall elasticity of the base cloth, and the combination of Arlene fiber to ensure the overall elasticity and strength of the base cloth, improve the overall performance of leather.

Development prospect of bio-based microfibers

First, bio-based microfiber has good hydrolysis resistance, sweat resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance and strong waterproof, anti-pollution ability, leather is easy to maintain and non-toxic environmental protection.

Second, bio-based microfiber through the combination of biology at the grass-roots level and strengthening layer, to strengthen the overall strength and elasticity of the base fabric and so on comprehensive performance, effectively guarantee the durability and service life of the leather material, and through the anti-radiation effect of chitosan fiber, improve special performance, such as radiation protection of the leather on the protective clothing and other protective equipment use has good application prospect.

Thirdly, bio-based microfibers have reasonable structure design, wide application range, good overall strength and wear resistance, and have good practical value and promotion value.

Post time: May-13-2022