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what is microfiber leather

Microfiber leather or pu microfiber leather is made of  polyamide fiber and polyurethane. the  polyamide fiber  is the base of the microfiber leather,
and the polyurethane is coated on the surface of  polyamide fiber . below picture for your reference.


microfiber leather
the base is without grain,just like the base of the genuine leather,hand feeling is very soft.
the surface pu can be embossed with different kinds of grains and colors,so it can be widely used for many kinds of leather products,
such as car seat cover,handbag,furniture,packaging,shoes lining,wallets and so on

1: Is microfiber leather real leather
from above introduction you will know microfiber leather is not real leather,it is not animal hide.
microfiber leather is one kind of vegan leather.

2: microfiber leather VS real leather
compared to real leather,microfiber leather has a lot of advantages
1) microfiber leather cost is only 30% cost of real leather
2)microfiber leather has consistent surface,no defect,no holes,no flaws on the surface
so the coefficient of utilization of microfiber leather is way higher than real leather
3)physical performance:microfiber leather has better physical performance than real leather,
such as anti abrasion,anti hydrolysis,water resistant,anti UV,anti stains,breathable.
tear strength,anti flexing performance is better than real leather
4) microfiber leather is anti-andor,some real leather has bad smell and includes heavy metals,
microfiber leather is eco-friendly,can pass REACH test,so it is safe to use.

3: microfiber leather usage
1)microfiber leather for car seat ,furniture,aviation,marine boat
as microfiber leather can be fire resistant,anti hydrolysis, low VOC,low DMF,anti abrasion,pvc free
so it is widely used for car seat cover,furniture,aviation,marine boat,
it can pass California Pro 65 regulations,FMVSS 302 fire resistant or BS5852 fire resistant test
below is car seat cover made by microfiber leather


2)microfiber leather for shoes upper and shoes lining


microfiber leather for shoes


3)microfiber leather for handbag


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Post time: Dec-24-2021